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About Us

GVH Aerospace has been serving the civil aviation market for over 28 years, providing design and certification expertise for a wide range of aircraft, from small aircraft and helicopters to transport-category aircraft and helicopters.

GVH Aerospace is a global aerospace company, operating under the EASA Part 21 Subpart J DOA framework and headquartered in the United Kingdom. GVH Aerospace started in 1999 as Bournemouth Aviation (Consultants) Ltd, initially operating under CAA (UK) approvals until the formation of EASA in 2004. In 2011, Bournemouth Aviation (Consultants) Ltd joined the Nova Group of companies, which included Aeronautical Engineers Australia (AEA). AEA has been serving the Australia aviation industry since 1978 and is a leading provider of aeronautical design, analysis and manufacturing services specialising in unique mission customisation, aeromedical conversion and large helicopter fleet modifications.

In January 2015, the Singapore design office was established under the EASA Part 21J DOA approval. Following the completion of the integration of the design and certification activities in all the global design offices and structuring the business under a single management, GVH Aerospace was formally launched at the Paris Air Show in 2015.

GVH Aerospace has the following regulatory approvals:

  • EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval EASA.21J.079;
  • EASA Alternative Procedures Design Organisation Approval AP456 for ETSO-39 (Aircraft Seats and Berth) and ETSO-C127 (Rotorcraft, Transport Aeroplane, and Normal and Utility Aeroplane Seating Systems);
  • CASR 21.437 Instruments of Appointment for Flight Analyst, Structures, Systems and Equipment (Mechanical), Systems and Equipment (Electrical), Systems and Equipment (Instruments), and Systems and Equipment (Radios);
  • CASA Australian Parts Manufacturing Approval 786712 and One-Off Production Certificate 786712-1, and
  • Australian Defence Aviation Safety Authority DASR Part 21 Subpart G Military Production Organisation Approval AUS.DASA.21G.001.

Working with our design and certification partners in the USA and Canada, GVH Aerospace also provides FAA and Transport Canada approved solutions to our clients, either dual approved, or carrying the specific regulatory approval required. We are also adept at navigating the airworthiness regulations of different nations and identifying the most cost effective means to achieve regulatory acceptance of our modifications.

Our combined in-house and subcontracted manufacture capabilities also provides us the ability to design from a clean sheet through prototype, test, certification and manufacture of installation parts and kits with EASA Form 1 and/or CASA Form 1 ready for embodiment at the commencement of aircraft input.