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Latest News From GVH

Airbus Defence & Space Selects GVH Aerospace to Supply Medical Equipment Mounts for A330 MRTT

Oct 3, 2017

GVH Aerospace is pleased to announce that it has been selected by Airbus Defence & Space, S.A.U., to design and supply medical equipment mounts for the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) aircraft.

The medical equipment mounts will allow the installation of different medical and life support equipment onto the Airbus stretcher modules, which can be configured to transport intensive care or low care patients. The stretcher modules and medical equipment mounts are designed for rapid conversion of the A330 MRTT into the medical evacuation role.

GVH Aerospace’s MRTT medical mount solution is based on its tested and proven designs, developed over the years of supporting the Australian aeromedical industry and providing rapid deployable aeromedical conversion solutions. The medical mount solution is an evolution of GVH Aerospace’s AeroStretcher® family of modular aeromedical products, currently in its 4th generation. The AeroStretcher® family of aeromedical products are compatible with a wide variety of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

The A330 MRTT is the military derivative of the Airbus A330-200 aircraft, designed as a dual-role air-to-air refuelling and transport aircraft. It is currently being operated by the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal Air Force, the United Arab Emirates Air Force and the Royal Saudi Air Force. The A330 MRTT has been ordered by the French Air Force, Republic of Singapore Air Force, Korean Air Force and the European Multinational MRTT fleet. With more than 50 aircraft in service and on order. the A330 MRTT is the most popular modern tanker transport aircraft to date.

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GVH Aerospace Helps Deliver Boeing 737-800 to Indian LCC

Oct 2, 2017

GVH Aerospace completes the delivery of modification packages to a global operating lessor for the lease transition of a Boeing 737-800 to an Indian Low Cost Carrier. GVH Aerospace provided the EASA approved external livery change and modification of the pre-recorded audio message system.

GVH Aerospace provides turn-key solutions and modifications from external livery and dual language placards to avionics modifications, to support airline and lessor customers. With a global presence in Europe, Asia and Australia, GVH Aerospace is able to provide in-time zone technical support.

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Swiss Rotor Solutions Maximum Pilot View Kit Achieves FAA STC

Sep 4, 2017

GVH Aerospace is pleased to be Swiss Rotor Solution’s certification partner, and helping Swiss Rotor Solutions achieve the FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for the Maximum Pilot View Kit (MPVK). The MPVK provides the pilot with an uninhibited field of view below and to the right hand side of the H125 / AS350 aircraft. The modification adds a new single piece bubble door to the aircraft, offering a significant increase in lateral visibility, and pilot headroom when leaning to the right, even when wearing a helmet. A large lower viewing aperture and transparent fuselage window fairing significantly increases the vertical field of view forward, aft and directly underneath the aircraft by a factor of ten, compared to existing solutions. The MPVK dramatically improves the capability and safety to perform demanding operations such as sling loading, firefighting, search-and-rescue/emergency medical services, confined area operations, aerial survey, seismic, law enforcement and any other tasks performed in close proximity to terrain, obstacles and ground crews or when operating at remote landing sites.

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