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Airbus AS365 Police Helicopter Modifications

Airbus AS365 Police Helicopter Modifications

Police helicopters are often required to perform a wide variety of different tasks, from aerial surveillance to tactical responses and medevac. Police helicopters need to be modified with a wide variety of mission and role equipment, including surveillance cameras such as FLIR and TV cameras, searchlights, command uplinks and downlinks, fast roping attachments, external winch and hoists, sniper attachments and night vision goggle compatible lighting. Police helicopter may also need to be modified with jump seats and swivel seats, moving map displays, additional communications equipment and stretchers.


GVH Aerospace supported the customer’s police helicopter fleet with an extensive catalogue of modifications to install different mission system elements as the police requirements evolved over the years. These modifications to the Airbus Helicopters AS365 Dauphin include:

  • Police VHF and ambulance radios
  • Tactical VHF and UHF radios
  • Mobile phone changeover relays
  • FLIR systems and operator stations
  • Satellite communications
  • Swivel and jump seats
  • GPS precision approach systems
  • Radar multifunction displays
  • Winch and winch cameras
  • Crew restraints
  • Nightsun and searchlights
  • Moving map systems
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) compatible lighting
  • Tactical equipment stowage
  • Sniper attachments and bars
  • Medical seating, stretchers and medical equipment


Key People

Cher-Min Teo

Chief of Strategy & Marketing

Cher Min has a long history of delivering aviation programmes....

Cher Min has a long history of delivering aviation programmes. Cher Min is responsible for developing GVH’s business in the Asian market beyond Southeast Asia, having first being part of the team that established GVH’s design centre in Singapore. His background includes airworthiness certification, engineering and project management, business development and program delivery.

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Brett Worsley

Operations Director - Australia Pacific

Brett leads the GVH Aerospace Australia Pacific team...

Brett Worsley leads our GVH Aerospace Australia Pacific team and has a long history in delivering aviation programmes. As the Operations Director for Australia Pacific he is responsible for implementing the global business strategy and ensuring the delivery of safe and effective design solutions to clients within this region. Brett’s background includes airworthiness certification, engineering & project management, and major program delivery.

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