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When you operate or live in remote areas where speed of response is critical in preserving life, an air ambulance or aeromedical evacuation aircraft is often the only means to provide access to emergency medical care. GVH Aerospace has a long history of supporting the aeromedical community over the past 30 years.

We are experts in the design of aeromedical equipment for quick aircraft role-change, permanent conversions and the design of aeromedical conversions for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Our solutions have been tested and refined by pioneering organisations such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service in Australia, one of the harshest and most demanding aeromedical environments in the world. Our equipment is used daily to save lives, whether onboard a dedicated air ambulance, or a rapid role conversion helicopter for medevac of remote oil and gas workers.

We can design custom solutions or provide standard-fit equipment that is compatible with multiple aircraft and helicopter types, preserving your investment if you operate mixed fleets. Our equipment is used onboard the most commonly used fixed-wing and helicopter types, and is designed to facilitate rapid role change out in the field and away from the maintenance base.

Our full range of aeromedical solutions include:

  • AeroStretcher® Aviation Stretcher System Compatible with Multiple Aircraft and Helicopter Types
  • Multi-Fit Equipment Mounting Systems for Helicopters, Transport Aircraft and General Aviation Aircraft
  • Medical Cabinets
  • Oxygen and Medical Equipment Mounting Systems
  • Fully Motorised and Electronically Controlled Stretcher Loading Devices
  • Medical Floors and Wet Decks for Helicopters

Our patent-pending AeroStretcher® Mk IV Modular Aviation Emergency Medical System (EMS) provides a mix-and-match capability to rapidly convert an aircraft or helicopter, from an utility or passenger transport role into an air ambulance.

Key People

Gareth Dyer

Chief Executive Officer

Gareth leads our GVH Aerospace global team and has a long history in delivering aviation programmes....

Gareth leads our GVH Aerospace global team and has a long history in delivering aviation programmes. As the EASA Form 4 holder for Chief Executive and Head of Design, he is responsible for building and growing the aerospace design business, corporate governance and developing and maintaining our regulatory approvals with an effective design assurance system. Gareth’s background includes airworthiness certification, engineering & project management, strategic business development and major program delivery.

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Cher-Min Teo

Chief of Strategy & Marketing

Cher Min has a long history of delivering aviation programmes....

Cher Min has a long history of delivering aviation programmes. Cher Min is responsible for developing GVH’s business in the Asian market beyond Southeast Asia, having first being part of the team that established GVH’s design centre in Singapore. His background includes airworthiness certification, engineering and project management, business development and program delivery.

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