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Latest News From GVH

GVH Aerospace Redelivers A320 from Southeast Asia to Europe

Jun 24, 2019

GVH Aerospace is pleased to announce the successful redelivery of two A320 from Southeast Asia to a European operator. The redelivery package include ESEL changes and emergency equipment installation, Mode S and Selcal change, soft furnishing changes and dual Turkish/English interior placards. The complete modification was delivered with EASA approval.


© Photograph copyrighted to Meet Jansen, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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GVH Aerospace Redelivers Boeing 737-800 to Eastern Europe

Jun 3, 2019

GVH Aerospace is pleased to support the successful redelivery of a Boeing 737-800 from a Southeast Asian lessee to an Eastern European operator. This Boeing 737-800 is the first of the type that is being inducted into the operator’s fleet. The FAA approved modification package include installation of new seats in the all economy cabin, removal of IFE, new interior placards and soft furnishings, and avionics reconfiguration for the new operator.


© Photograph copyrighted to Luba Ostrovskaya, used with permission.

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GVH Aerospace Redelivers Boeing 737-800 in China

May 3, 2019

GVH Aerospace is pleased to announce the successful on-time redelivery of a Boeing 737-800 between two Chinese operators. Working closely with the lessor, GVH Aerospace provided the lessor with the various technical options during lease negotiations and throughout the lease return and redelivery. GVH Aerospace worked closely with the lessor’s CAMO performing record inspection and identifying modifications that need to be approved in accordance with the lease conditions. This include providing FAA approval of previous Australian CASA approved modifications such as removal of airstairs, installation of crew full face oxygen masks and P8 aft electronic panel change.

GVH Aerospace provided the full cabin reconfiguration package including reconfiguration of the 2-class layout to full 189 pax economy layout, monument removal and forward area reinstatement, IFE removal, dual language interior placards and soft furnishing changes.


© Photograph copyrighted to Gordon Bevan, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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GVH Aerospace Becomes First Australian Defence Aviation Military Production Organisation

Apr 18, 2019

GVH Aerospace has been approved by the Australian Defence Aviation Safety Authority (DASA) as the first Australian Defence Aviation Safety Regulation (DASR) Part 21 Subpart G Military Production Organisation.

The Defence Aviation Safety Regulations were introduced in 2016 and replaced the Military Operational and Technical Airworthiness Regulations. It is aligned with the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMAR), a military adaptation of the proven European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) airworthiness regulations and represent an emerging global convention in technical regulation of military aviation. By adopting the EASA framework, the DASRs provides the Australian Defence Force with several benefits including increased interoperability with coalition and regional partner States, opportunity to exploit multi-customer support arrangements and global supply chains, and blended civilian/military sustainment arrangements.

“We are extremely pleased to become the first DASR Part 21 Subpart G Military Production Organisation. This is a recognition of our technical capabilities and design assurance system which is based on our long-standing EASA approval”, said Gareth Dyer, CEO. The MRH-90 Taipan Gun Mount will be the first product produced under the DASR Part 21 Subpart G production approval. This multi-weapon mount is designed and produced by GVH Aerospace as part of Airbus Australia Pacific’s industry team comprising sister company Nova Systems and Dillon Aero, to equip the MRH-90 helicopters for special operations. “This is a demonstration of the synergies and efficiencies that the commonality between DASR and EASA regulations provides. By leveraging our existing EASA Part 21 approvals, the DASR enabled us to seamlessly integrate with Airbus and Defence.”

GVH Aerospace currently supplies special mission products to Airbus Defence & Space, Korea Aerospace Industries, RUAG Aerospace and other major defence and aerospace prime contractors globally.

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GVH Aerospace Helps Swiss Rotor Solutions Achieve Airbus Factory and Retrofit Option for Maximum Pilot View Kit

Mar 7, 2019

GVH Aerospace, as Swiss Rotor Solutions’ certification partner, is pleased to help Swiss Rotor Solutions achieve the partnership with Airbus Helicopters to offer the MAXIMUM PILOT VIEW KIT (MPVK) as a factory fit and retrofit option for the H125 helicopter. Airbus is taking immediate orders to install the MPVK on production line aircraft and for retrofit.

The MAXIMUM PILOT VIEW KIT revolutionizes pilot visibility and operational safety via a completely new design, providing the pilot with an uninhibited field of view below and to the RH side of the aircraft. The modification adds a new single piece bubble door to the aircraft, offering a significant increase in lateral visibility, and pilot headroom when leaning to the right, even when wearing a helmet. A large lower viewing aperture and transparent fuselage window fairing significantly increases the vertical field of view forward, aft and directly underneath the aircraft by a factor of ten, compared to existing solutions. The MPVK dramatically improves the capability and safety to perform demanding operations such as sling loading, fire-fighting, SAR/EMS, confined area operations, aerial survey, seismic, law enforcement and any other tasks performed in close proximity to terrain, obstacles and ground crews or when operating at remote landing sites.

“We are extremely pleased with being part of Swiss Rotor Solution’s team in achieving this significant development with the Airbus partnership. This is a testimony to both the quality and functionality of the product, and the quality of the design and certification data”, said Gareth Dyer, CEO. “This partnership is a recognition of the level of rigour in the engineering, certification and flight test that has been applied.”

To date, Swiss Rotor Solutions has received multiple orders and is ready to supply and support installation worldwide. FAA, TCCA, ANAC Brazil and DGAC Mexico STC validation have been completed. There are currently more than 30 helicopters modified with the MPVK in service in Europe, USA and Canada.

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