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Latest News From GVH

GVH Aerospace Raises Funds for Australian Veteran Families

Jul 24, 2018

The GVH Aerospace team spent the 21st of June 2018 pushing themselves to the limits of their endurance raising funds for Legacy at the Canungra Combat Challenge. Legacy is a charity providing services to the families of Australian Defence Force men and women who have lost their lives or health as a result of their service.

The team of 8 from GVH Aerospace followed the footsteps of generations of Australian soldiers to push themselves mentally and physically through 7km of obstacles, bush trails and soldier exercises at the Kokoda Barracks. The challenge include a run wearing ballistic protection, log carry, stretcher carry, sand bag carry, and completing a series of 20 obstacles including balance walks, tunnel crawls, vertical and horizontal cargo nets, and coiled barbed wire fences. The challenge finishs off with a swim across the freezing Canungra river.


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EASA Awards GVH Aerospace with STC for Airbus H135 Aeromedical System

Jul 14, 2018

GVH Aerospace has been awarded the EASA STC for the installation of its AeroStretcher Mk IV Modular Aeromedical System on the Airbus H135 helicopter. The AeroStretcher Mk IV system is an evolution of the previous Mk III product which was very well received by the helicopter transport operators and provided them with the capability to rapidly reconfigure their aircraft to support medevac missions. The Mk IV system improves on that operational capability significantly with a broader product range and a more cost-efficient pricing model.

The AeroStretcher Mk IV system is installed directly on the aircraft seat tracks using a patent-pending multi-fit floor interface system. The system is installed and removed in minutes without the need for tools and can be quickly adapted to any aircraft with standard seat rrack fittings. The modular design of the system provides multi-role and utility operators with mix-and-match flexibility in configuring their aircraft to provide different levels of medical care capability, from simple casualty evacuation to inflight critical care. The product family include litter stretcher, standard stretcher, stretcher bridge and oxygen bottle stowage racks.

The AeroStretcher® Mk IV product has also been selected by RUAG as the standard medical and casualty evacuation equipment for the Dornier 228 aircraft. Further STCs on other popular helicopter and fixed wing aircraft types are currently in work.

GVH Aerospace are demonstrating the system on their H135 aircraft on display at Farnborough Airshow Hall 4, from 16th – 20th July 2018.

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GVH Aerospace Selected to Design and Supply Hoist Light to Boeing Helicopter Aircrew Training System

Jul 11, 2018

GVH Aerospace has been selected to design, manufacture and supply a hoist light for Boeing Defence Australia’s Helicopter Aircrew Training System (HATS). The selection concludes the competitive tender process and the hoist light product will be used for night hoisting training to provide the aircrewman with adequate illumination to carry out hoisting operations safely.

“We are pleased to offer an EASA certified modification and product, working with Boeing to understand their customers’ requirements and ensuring delivery of a best value-for-money product”, said Gareth Dyer, CEO. He added that “The new Australian Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR) allows the Australian Defence Force to accept EASA approved modifications and parts without duplicating regulatory compliance, and this has the potential of simplifying regulatory compliance in the defence industry, and allowing the Australian Department of Defence to leverage the commercial aviation supply chain more cost effectively.”

The hoist light, when installed, illuminates the area directly under the aircraft. The LED light not only complies with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Regulations requirements for hoisting operation, but also provides a greater level of redundancy due to its multi-element design. GVH Aerospace performed the EASA certification flight test using G-NSYS, the systems and trials helicopter owned by sister company Nova Systems UK.

The Boeing HATS program provides the Australian Defence Force with helicopter aircrew training. The program training asset includes 15 Airbus Helicopters EC135T2+ helicopters, and on maturity, will train up to 130 students each year from the Australian Army and Royal Australian Navy, in addition to qualified aircrew returning for instructor training.

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GVH Aerospace Team Braves The Elements In Aid of Prostate Cancer Charities

Jun 1, 2018

In the traditions of the Nova Group, GVH Aerospace actively encourages team members to give back to the society. Nathan Gardener and Botond Szilagyi from our UK office took up the Three Peaks Challenge with the aim of raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. The Three Peak Challenge consists of scaling the three tallest mountains in the United Kingdom within 24 hours, namely Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pikes in England and Snowdon in Wales. This includes approximately 13 hours of driving between the mountains in a race against time.

With the support of CEO Gareth Dyer as the driver and support crew, the team battled fatigue, near white-out conditions with blowing snow and winds on Ben Nevis and Scarfell Pikes, and freezing water on Snowdon to raise £1,651 with another £1,000 contribution by GVH Aerospace.

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GVH Aerospace and Regio Lease to Provide "Total Care" Service to Lessors

May 10, 2018

GVH Aerospace and Regio Lease announce the signing of a cooperation partnership MOU at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading (ISTAT) Asia conference in Singapore. This cooperation partnership MOU combines the strength of GVH Aerospace and Regio Lease to provide a one-stop “Total Care” service package to lessors transitioning aircraft in the Asia region. The “Total Care” service package provides a seamless aircraft transition service from project management through aircraft reconfiguration and modification, and subsequent redelivery services.

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