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Latest News From GVH

Korea Aerospace Industries Selects GVH Aerospace Wet Deck for Korean Coast Guard Helicopter

Feb 6, 2018

GVH Aerospace announced at the Singapore Airshow 2018 that it has been selected to provide its wet deck product for the Korea Aerospace Industries KCG Korean Coast Guard Helicopter program. The selection concludes the competitive tender process.

“We are pleased to offer a mature, field tested and adaptable product, working with KAI during the tender process to understand their customers’ requirements and ensuring delivery of a best value-for-money product”, said Gareth Dyer, CEO. He added that “GVH Aerospace’s heritage and experience in supporting the Australian helicopter operators with search and rescue solutions designed to work in demanding and austere environments is a key driver behind our product development approach. Meeting end user needs in these situations is foremost in our minds.”

The wet deck, also known as a sea tray, provides a water-proof, flexible, hard wearing protective covering to protect the cabin floor against the corrosive effects of sea water during over-water hoisting operations. The wet deck is fully certified to aeronautical standards, and can be installed in less than 5 minutes as part of the role-fit equipment in search and rescue operations. GVH Aerospace’s will be customising its wet deck product to meet the KCG requirements. The wet decks are currently in service with EC225, AS332, S-76, S-92 and AW139 helicopter operators.

The KCG Korean Coast Guard Helicopter is a variant of the Korean Utility Helicopter, a twin-engine transport utility helicopter developed by the Korea Aerospace Industries. The KUH will be used in military and para-public roles by the Korea armed forces, Forest Service, Coast Guard, and National Police. With over 340 aircraft on order, the KUH is an important Korean aerospace program.

Photograph copyrighted to Korea Aerospace Industries.

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RUAG Aviation Selects GVH Aerospace AeroStretcher Mk IV for Dornier 228

Feb 4, 2018

RUAG Aviation has selected GVH Aerospace to provide its AeroStretcher® Mk IV aviation stretcher as the standard medical and casualty evacuation equipment for the Dornier 228 aircraft. The AeroStretcher® Mk IV aviation stretcher is certified for all Dornier 228 aircraft, providing a rapid role configurable medevac capability. The AeroStretcher® Mk IV product is available immediately for the Dornier 228 as an EASA STC, offered exclusively through RUAG Aviation.

“We are pleased to offer a flexible and adaptable aeromedical system, and work closely with RUAG Aviation to deliver a key capability to the Dornier 228. The Dornier 228 is a flexible, multi-role aircraft, and we look forward to partnering with RUAG Aviation to offer this capability to all Dornier 228 operators,” quotes GVH Aerospace’s CEO, Gareth Dyer. Mr Dyer stated that GVH Aerospace’s heritage and experience in supporting the Australian aeromedical domain with solutions designed to work in a demanding and austere environment is key to being able to offer this capability.

The AeroStretcher® Mk IV stretcher and accessories are installed in the aircraft seat tracks using the patent-pending multi-fit floor interface system, allowing the stretcher system to be installed in minutes and providing maximum flexibility in configuring the cabin. The modular design of the AeroStretcher® Mk IV stretcher provides mix-and-match flexibility in configuring the aircraft to provide different levels of medical care capability, from simple casualty evacuation to inflight critical care.

The Dornier 228 aircraft is manufactured by RUAG Aviation at their facilities in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany. The 19-seat, twin-engine utility aircraft is capable of operating from remote and rough airstrips and exhibits excellent STOL capabilities as well as high crosswind stability. The Dornier 228 is a versatile and robust aircraft  which proves high endurance, high productivity and low altitude cruising making it the ideal and reliable choice for commuter transport, cargo transport, military transport, maritime surveillance, border patrol, medevac, search and rescue, paradrop and environmental research.

© Photograph copyrighted to RUAG Aviation.

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GVH Aerospace Delivers Medevac Equipment for First H175 in Australiasia

Jan 17, 2018

GVH Aerospace has completed the delivery of medical evacuation fitout and equipment for the first Airbus H175 helicopters introduced into the Australiasia market. These two brand-new H175 will enter into revenue service with in East Timor, supporting the Bayu-Undan gas production operations in the Timor Sea. The H175 will be used foor offshore personnel transport, search and rescue (SAR) support and medevac support.

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GVH Aerospace Delivers Reconfigured Boeing 767-300ER

Jan 8, 2018

GVH Aerospace completes the delivery of the cabin reconfiguration modification package for a Boeing 767-300ER operated by an Eastern European charter airline. The EASA approved cabin reconfiguration work package converts the original 3-class configuration into a single class 330-seat configuration with 4 crew rest positions, involving installation of new seats, removal of 4 galleys and removal of the AVOD IFE system.

GVH Aerospace provides turn-key solutions and modifications from external livery and dual language placards to avionics modifications, to support airline and lessor customers. With a global presence in Europe, Asia and Australia, GVH Aerospace is able to provide in-time zone technical support.


© Photograph copyrighted to Alex Snow, used under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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GVH Aerospace Exbihits at Singapore Airshow 2018

Dec 18, 2017

GVH Aerospace will be exhibiting at the Singapore Airshow 2018, held at the Singapore Changi Exhibition Centre from 6th to 11th of February 2018. We will be located at both N66a as part of the UK Pavilion. Come and meet with us to discuss your cabin reconfiguration and lease transition needs, and see our latest AeroStretcher® modular emergency medical system that gives our customers the ability to rapidly convert a passenger configured aircraft into an air ambulance.

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