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GVH Aerospace Completes EASA STC for AW139 Rapid Medevac System

GVH Aerospace Completes EASA STC for AW139 Rapid Medevac System

  • Dec 1, 2019

GVH Aerospace has successfully completed EASA STC 10071324 for the AW139 rapid medical evacuation system. This EASA STC installs up to two AeroStretcher Mk IV stretchers with optional stretcher bridge in the AW139, converting a passenger configured AW139 into a medevac configuration capable of supporting patients requiring inflight medical care and life support within 20 minutes. The medical equipment is installed and removed without the use of tools. This STC provides AW139 operators with a quick, rapid and flexible option to undertake medical retrieval missions, and maximise the operational flexibility of this highly capable helicopter.

The AeroStretcher Mk IV modular aeromedical system provides a modular set of equipment including two different stretcher types, stretcher bridges, and oxygen stowage systems, designed to rapidly configure fixed wing aircraft or helicopters into an aeromedical configuration. This system is proven in service with government, parapublic and major oil and gas operators.


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